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                     Our Value 




 SHOBIDO Co., Ltd. deals with import and export trade business.
We provide Japanese products to meet the needs of overseas customers.
Currently, mainly in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam.
SHOBIDO expands overseas operations as the producer's “overseas department”.
At the same time, as a "purchasing department" for overseas customers, we guarantee high quality and reduce risk.

SHOBIDO wholeheartedly provides high quality one-stop service in order to expand the import/export trade and meet the international needs of business partners.
We will carry out sound and innovative management so that we can continuously obtain the highest evaluation and trust from our customers, investors, employees and partner companies. ​Japan's proud products contribute to the world's diet and daily life. 
Donated to the Japanese Red Cross as a social contribution.

                                           CORE VALUE 


Based on the motto of providing the best quality products to our worldwide clients, SHOBIDO exports a wide range of consumer products with well-known brands sourcing from the Japanese suppliers.

We are reliable exporter with good experience, and our mission is to bring the delighted Japanese commodity to our clients around the world.


Safe and delicious foods

Premium but with reasonable price

Focus on the useful products


Please consider choosing us as your overseas purchasing department.


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