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o Daio Paper Corporation (大王製紙株式会社)

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o Meiji Co., Ltd.  (明治株式会社)

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o Kao Corporation.  (Kao 花王株式會社)

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o PIGEON Co., Ltd.(ピジョン株式会社)

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o WAKODO(和光堂)

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**Please click  link to the original website for more products information for below reasons: 

1. The products from each brand and company are too many to be included on the page, we suggest you checking the updated and completed product information on the original company website 

2. To ensure the products supplied are verified to be real from the original company source. We can guarantee you to get the reliable products! 

**After selecting the products, just send inquiry to us to get the best price and stock status. 



2.提供された製品が元の会社のソースからの本物であることを確認するため。 私たちはあなたが信頼できる製品を手に入れることを保証できます!


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